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Our specialty is the construction of arched roofings for agriculture, aggregate deposits and for facilities for the biological treatment of organic waste.

In Europe we have made several hundred arched coverings for composting plants and arched buildings for storing straw, hay or aggregates.

Our constructions mean:

  • high resistance to corrosion guaranteed;
  • long-term durability of PVC-coating;
  • personalized dimensions of the hall according to the needs of the customer (singular projects);
  • use exclusively of solid, thick and durable materials;
  • great aesthetics of the facilities.

At a price comparable to the competition, we offer:

  • structure in hot galvanized steel (zinc bath) or stainless steel (instead of electrogalvanized steel);
  • stainless steel screws and tensors (instead of galvanized screws);
  • reinforced steel structure adapted to local wind and snow conditions (our coverings are solid and do not require snow removal in winter).

Arched halls for straw bales can be mounted on the ground, on concrete foundations or fixed to concrete walls above ground level. We have developed our own solution for the permanent and strong tension of PVC coating.

The stable mechanical tension of the hall’s coating eliminates wrinkles, minimizes movement of the tarpaulin in the wind and extends the durability of the coating.

Our standard arched halls have been used for years as coverings over active composting plants – they are unaffected by high temperatures, humidity, or chemical agents that cause corrosion.