Compsting tunnels

tight roof COMPObox

Composting tunnels allow the processing of green waste, biodegradable waste from the selective collection and sewage sludge. They are constructed as modular structures, allowing to perform the composting process at various stages and with the possibility of modular extension of the facility. The COMPObox technology reduces the formation of odor, while ensures compost of perfect quality.

The roof is made as an arched structure using closed profiles with galvanized coating, without any mechanical treatment. All connections are made using stainless steel A2/A4.


The covering of each composting tunnel is made entirely as a prefabricated PVC material. This solution provides a very high quality, precision and aesthetics of realization. The roofing of composting tunnels type COMPObox has a full tightness during the process of biodegradation and it’s resistant to the corrosive environment.

The company Grimar has completed roofings of 97 boxes / tanks with a total surface of more than 20.000 sqm in Poland, Romania, Spain and Germany.

The COMPObox roofing is a technological solution of the company Compost-Systems (we realize such kind of structures exclusively for Compost-Systems GmbH).

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