Construction & equipment


Appropriate equipment and structural solutions make the installation fit as a covering of a tennis court or as a complex sports hall.

We created our own structural design – easy to build and cheap to operate, while it maintains an excellent aesthetics.

The basis of the project is a covering of two tennis courts (37m x 37m), which can be freely expanded to cover more courts or another spaces.


Standard equipment:

  • steel structure made of lightweight trusses
  • cladding and roof covering made of insulating panels
  • possibility to open the side walls (sliding walls in guides)
  • lateral windows
  • heating
  • LED lighting
  • separating and structure protecting nets (blends)
  • aluminium main door
  • a wide range of colours of the cladding


  • foundations (concrete footings adapted to the geotechnical conditions)
  • substructure and surface for tennis
  • ventilation system with recovery unit
  • skylights
  • sanitary facilities or containers
  • connections and installations outside the contour of the hall