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The GRIMAR brand has been known in the market since 2009. Our specialty is the manufacture and construction of air domes and arched halls.

Our specialty is the construction of:

  • permanent or temporary roofs of sports fields and tennis courts;
  • sports floors;
  • construction of sports infrastructure (installation of sports equipment and ball nets);
  • construction of permanent and container-type auxiliary sports spaces.

The arched halls mean an excellent solution to cover tennis courts and soccer fields throughout the year.

These types of facilities can also be a cheaper alternative to conventional sports halls. The use of insulation in the form of a double PVC membrane and an efficient heating system allow the use of the hall in all weather conditions.

The system of sliding shutters allows perfect ventilation during the summer. An arched hall means playing comfort in all conditions.

Air domes, commonly known as balloons, are an ideal solution for temporary coverings of soccer fields or tennis courts.

Thanks to construction of this type, the sports facility can be full of life for 12 months a year. The temporary assembly and disassembly of the air dome takes only 1 day and the coating can be stored on a limited surface.

During the autumn and winter the air dome can be equipped with heating and lighting installation.

After disassembly – during spring and summer – the soccer field or tennis court works just like any other sports facility. Thanks to our experience, we can offer a strong hall that is also economical in terms of maintenance.

The proper selection of the heating system with automation, as well as the use of a multilayer coating of the air dome, allows great savings in heating costs.

High quality, professionalism, experience, competitive prices – thanks to these factors we can cooperate with a plenty of sports centers.