Elastic bladders for water and fertilizers

Liquid storage

Elastic bladders are lightweight elements used to store liquid fertilizers, water and other substances. Their structure consists of an impermeable and durable flexible material, easy to install and store – they do not require a large area for its purpose.

In the elastic bladders there may be stored:
– drinking water, rainwater, dirty water and water for fire-fighting purposes
– liquid products used in agriculture (liquid fertilizers, pesticides, liquid manure or sewage)
– industrial products (fuels and other chemicals)
special-purpose products

A flat and level surface covered with a protective fabric (e.g. protective foil) is required for the installation of the tank.. It can be mounted as a permanent or temporary object. All elements are easy to transport. Due to the very high quality of the materials used, the stored liquids are not exposed to light, which guarantees that algae and other living organisms cannot grow. Their tightness eliminates the emission of odors and prevents the intrusion of undesirable persons (e.g. children) and animals. The tanks are completely recyclable.