Maintenance of

courts and pitches

In the last few years many playing fields and recreational facilities have been built in Poland under such sport support programmes as ‘Orlik 2012’ or ‘Blisko boisko’. The surfaces like artificial grass or polyurethane surfaces are intensively used, however, a proper maintenance of such objects is quite often neglected.

Professional maintenance helps to prolong useful life of the surface and maintain its appearance and parameters.

Apart from installation of surfaces we always offer maintenance services which allow our clients to extend the guarantee period up to 5 years for any surface provided by Grimar.

Artificial grass renovation

According to recommendations of majority of manufacturers pitches with artificial grass should be thoroughly cleaned four times a year, in order to extend to maximum their useful life. A deep cleaning, up to the lowest layer of the infill, removes all impurities (dirt, dust, stones) from the sand or rubber granules. It also removes from the surface any undesirable organic compounds such as moss, fungi and saprophytes.

The operations performed during artificial grass maintenance:

  • necessary repair of mechanical damages (refilling, sticking of the surface)
  • removal of dirt, stones, sediments and other impurities such as glass and plastic slivers or crown caps
  • loosening of the refill (granules / sand) – the turf regains its elasticity and flexibility
  • untangling and lifting of the blades
  • removal of dirt from the granules
  • application of anti-saprophyte agents and special agents preventing formation of moss and algae
  • supplement of the infill (granulate)

Polyurethane maintenance

The operations performed during polyurethane maintenance:

  • vacuuming and high pressure cleaning of the surface
  • chemical cleaning – removal of biological impurities (moss, fungi)
  • minor repairs (if necessary) and refreshment of the spray painting