Arched halls

Paddle or padel is a sports game which proceeds from Latin America. In Europe, it’s widely played on courts in Spain. Nowadays, we can observe its intensive expansion in the whole Western Europe. It’s a combination of squash and tennis. Playing paddle gives satisfaction from the first hours spent on the court. Moreover, it’s a sport for all – professional players, families with children, seniors – offering beyond the proper game a pleasant day spent between friends.A paddle court has form of rectangle with the dimensions 10m x 20m, i.e., it occupies an area 3 times smaller than a standard tennis court. Its advantage is that it can be installed inside existing clubs as a complement of the offer.

In the contrary to the Mediterranean Area, in the countries of Western and Central Europe there is a significant disadvantage – the use of open courts is limited to sunny and rainless days. Due to the fact, that the players prefer to play it in the fresh air, we have developed the concept of a lightweight hall and a covering especially for this purpose, which can cover one or more paddle courts.

It consists of:

  • concrete foundations
  • lightweight steel structure in form of arcs or triangles
  • membrane or polycarbonate sheets as the covering elements
  • paddle court with its lighting

As an option we can also make the drainage of the roof ended on the ground level.

Based on the experience in the implementation of differents sports facilities, we make all the works by ourselves as a general constructor. In cooperation with the investor we start with the individual design concept, pass through preparatory works, and finish with the final assembly.

We hold good relationships with our customers and final users, which allows us to implement their comments, suggestions and ideas for new projects.

The visualizations of indoor paddle courts are our contribution in the development of this sport and in the improvement to perfection of its equipment.